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67.1 JAMA Journal Review and JCR Survey
67.2 BookPricer Web Site
67.3 No Archives for Medscape?
67.5 MLA and MD Consult

67.5 MLA and MD Consult

The Medical Library Association and MD Consult have embarked on a two year deal providing Institutional members with a 20%  discount for access to MD Consult during the first year and a 10% discount during the second year. This agreement is in response to members who encouraged MLA to negotiate deals with memberships frequently used vendors. Selecting MD Consult as the first vendor for testing this new role, was an excellent idea. MD Consult has services for both the large academic medical center and the hospital libraries so that all institutional members of MLA can benefit. The National Library of Medicine announced the planned release of two new databases: Clinical Trials database and Mental Retardation Syndromes. The Clinical Trials database will include clinical trials being conducted at all National Institutes of Health (NIH) during the first year, followed by non-NIH clinical trials in the second year. The Mental Retardation Syndromes database is being organized by Stanley Jablonski, the well-known author of Jablonski's dictionary of syndromes & eponymic diseases. MEDLINEplus will be adding the USP DI, a medical encyclopedia, a terminology server, a database of consumer health libraries, and more Spanish language materials. Watch for these enhancements over the next year. Annual Reviews announced that the "trial" is over for free access to the electronic versions of their Reviews. Interesting, since "trial" was never mentioned when they made the electronic access available. We were told that the cost of the electronic version was built into our subscription. Now, I don't mind paying a little extra for a combined subscription, but I do mind being misled!

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67.6 Publishers Announcement: Liebert Online Preview

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