Annual Business Meeting Agenda


2011 Business meeting (6-6:45 pm)

Sunday, May 15, 2011, Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 J, Level One.

Provisional Agenda

(The final agenda will be distributed through the CDS online discussion list and will be distributed at the annual meeting.)

  • Welcome and call to order                       (Ramune Kubilius, CDS Chair, 2010-2011)
  • Anniversary greetings                                  (Section Council Chair, Judy Burnham)
  • Reports
    • Awards                                                                            (Rebecca Raszewski)
      • Presentation of Richards Award
      • Recognition of Travel Awards recipients
      • (Recognition of MLA Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences)
  • Secretary/Treasurer                                                                                 (Karen Grigg)
    • Minutes from 2010 Annual Business Meeting
      • Financial Report
  • 2011 Program Committee                                                      (Mary Fran Prottsman)
  • Nominating Committee                                                                     (Sylvia McAphee)
  • Bylaws Committee                                                   (Sylvia McAphee/Melissa Nasea)
    • Vote on bylaws change
  • Website Committee                                           (Ramune Kubilius for Holly Phillips)
  • Continuing Education Committee                                                     (Stephen Maher)
    • CDS 2012 Symposium proposal
  • Membership Committee                                                                       (Susan Kendall)
  • Section Council                                                                                   (Sylvia McAphee)
  • MLA Governmental Relations Committee Liaison                          (Julie Schneider)
  • Developments- CDS newsletter                                                        (Katherine Chew)
  • New Business
    • Thank you to all 2010-2011 chairs & committees;& introduction of new CDS officers                                                                       (Ramune Kubilius)
  • 2012 program planning                                                                         (Cecilia Botero)
    • Open floor for membership input
  • Chairmanship turnover to Mary Fran Prottsman
    • Call for committee volunteers
    • Objectives for 2011/2012
  • Other new business
  • Adjournment of formal business meeting

Medical Library Association

Collection Development Section

Sunday, May 15, 2011, Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 J, Level One.


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