Collection Development Section Election Results

Sylvia McAphee, CDS past chair and CDS Nominating Committee Chair

Please join me  in congratulating our new  officers and  CDS election winners listed below:

The Chair Elect for the Collection Development Section is :

Cecilia Botero
University of Florida
HSC Libraries

The Secretary/Treasurer for our section is:

Martha Earl
UT Preston Medical Library

Our MLA Nominating Committee Candidate is:

Bette Sydelko
Coordinator of Assessment and Outreach Services
Clinical Medicine Librarian
University Libraries

Kudos to the three of you! Thank you  for your willingness to run and all you will contribute to our section’s progress!  We are lucky to have you as our new set of leaders!  I want to give special thanks and extended gratitude to Deborah M. Taylor and G. Randall Watts, the members of the Nominating Committee, for all of their help and suggestions that  made  our election process a success!  It has been a pleasure working with you two and I look forward to working with the both of you in the future.

It has been a pleasure serving CDS  in this capacity!  Enjoy your spring and see you in Minneapolis, MN this summer!


Sylvia McAphee, CDS Nominating Chair, 2011
Birmingham, AL



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