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CDS Election Results

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Daniel T. Richards Prize to be Awarded

Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences

CDS Member Awarded MLA Grant

Welcome to New and Returning Collection Development Section (CDS) Members!

Recent Publications of CDS Members

A Little History about CDS

Wanted: A New Editor for Developments

New MLA News Section / SIG editor

Charleston Conference 2006 Highlights

Health Information Literacy Programs at MLA

Annual MLA Collection Development Section Financial Report for 2006

Section Officers 2006-07

Message from the Chair

As collection specialists, we have a significant interest in the future of scholarly publishing. It is our primary responsibility to plan the future growth of our library’s collection. Yet, I have to admit the Open Access debate can be overwhelming at times. What is our role in securing the future of freely accessible scholarly content? MLA’s task force on Scholarly Publishing has assembled an all-star speaker lineup for its symposium, "Scholarly Publishing Issues: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Libraries in an Open Access Environment", to help members understand the issues at hand. Open Access is a central tenet to our profession and as collection specialists we need to be advocates. The Collection Development Sections is a co-sponsor of the Wednesday afternoon CE course and is managing the symposium blog. The blog will be available in April at:

I look forward to seeing section members and new faces at our annual business meeting in Philadelphia. We’re looking for new volunteers to head our newsletter Developments, assist in adding content to the Section’s web site, and help chair our committees. When I was first approached to volunteer as chair-elect and program chair in 2005, my first thought was, “I’ve never planned a national program before, let alone talked to anyone at MLA headquarters.” My second thought was “how much time is involved, I’m busy as it is!” I had fun putting together three programs and they all worked out fine. Though, I must credit MLA. They did provide a lot of hand holding in helping me stay on track. I never felt overwhelmed and the time commitment was minimal.

Through my service work, my network of peers has grown and taught me essential skills in problem solving. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a task you had to do and thought you were alone? Service work has taught me to rely on my peer network to help me through a collection dilemma. I know I do not have all the answers, but surely someone I know through the Collection Development Section does. I also learned what my talents and strengths are, where I could improve, or things that are not enjoyable to me. I am reminded that service to the Section and Association is part of our commitment in furthering the medical librarianship profession. Without volunteers, MLA would fail. We all have professional gifts to share and if you would like to share your gifts and talents, the Collection Development Section is looking for you! Please consider volunteering!

See you in Philadelphia!

Liz Lorbeer, Section Chair CDS

Message from the Chair-Elect/Program Committee Chair

The CDS will sponsor three programs in Philadelphia.

The program on which I have spent the most time and effort is an Invited Papers Section Program on Tuesday, May 22 from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. The Collection Development Section is the primary sponsor, and the Molecular Biology and Genomics SIG is co-sponsoring: Evaluative Measures for Resource Quality: Beyond the Impact Factor. The moderator is Lynn M Fortney, Vice President/Director, Biomedical Division, EBSCO Information Services

The Impact Factor, originally conceived by Eugene Garfield, has become a powerful criterion in many decisions, including promotion and tenure of faculty and selection or deselection of resources in the library. While the Impact Factor is an interesting measure of how often articles in a specific journal are cited, there are many other evaluative measures that must be considered for library resources. As more resources become available electronically (along with initiatives such as COUNTER and SUSHI), it becomes both easier and more complicated to evaluate them. Measures of use; judgments on the importance of the resource to the core mission of the organization; cost effectiveness; citation counting in Google, in CrossRef, and in other journal databases - each of these play a part in what should be your library's own formula for evaluating resources for initial or continuing purchase.

The How and Why of the Impact Factor / Dr. Eugene Garfield, Institute for Scientific Information/Thomson Scientific

Dr. Eugene Garfield is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Institute for Scientific Information (now Thomson Scientific). He first mentioned the idea of an "impact factor" in a 1955 article in Science. He has said that the impact factor, like nuclear energy, has become something of a mixed blessing. Librarians often consider the impact factor of a journal for selection and deselection purposes. Others may believe that the impact factor is the sole selection criteria necessary for a library. Dr. Garfield will keynote this session by discussing what the impact factor is meant to determine, its appropriate use, and possible misuse as a surrogate for researcher evaluation.

Usage Statistics Made Eas(ier) / Bob Schufrieder, MPS Technologies/Scholarly Stats

Libraries' decision making on what to subscribe to is as diverse as the libraries themselves. This part of the discussion will take a look at the role usage statistics play in decision making and the technologies designed to aide the libraries in this laborious task. We will examine recent surveys on how statistics can mean the difference between keeping and canning.

The Promise of Value-based Journal Pricing / Julia Kochi, Library & Center for Knowledge Management/Univ. of California, San Francisco

In pursuit of their scholarly communication agenda, the 10 libraries in the UC System developed and tested a set of metrics that comprise "value-based pricing" of scholarly journals. The metrics are the measurable impact of the journal, the transparent measures of production costs, the institutionally-based contributions to the journal, such as editorial labor, and the transaction efficiencies from consortial purchases. Initial modeling and use of the approaches are promising, leading the libraries to employ and further develop the approaches and share their work to date with the larger community.

Susan Kendall (convener of the MBG SIG) and I expect this session to generate a lot of interest. Do not miss this opportunity to hear Gene Garfield in person! All three invited speakers are excellent and will address collection development criteria from differing perspectives, and we have built in plenty of time for discussion.

On Sunday from 4:30-6, CDS is co-sponsoring an invited panel session with a moderator and contributed posters titled "Information Revolution - Improving the Face of Vendor Relationships / Revolutionizing Our Bonds". Evaluating the quality of electronic products, electronic licensing and copyright, reduced budgets, finding external funding for electronic resources, group licensing, group purchasing, 'everything is free on the internet' philosophy - these are all challenges that impact collection development today. Librarians need to understand the business relationship, revolutionize the way we deal with vendors, and learn to hold our own with license negotiations so as to make well-informed collection decisions and negotiate the best deals for our libraries. An invited panel of speakers will present their successes and solutions for improving vendor relationships. Posters highlighting practical hospital library successes and solutions for improving vendor relationships will be on display. Liz Lorbeer, the current chair of CDS, and Lynn Fortney, the chair-elect, will be serving on the panel.

On Monday afternoon from 3-4:30, CDS is co-sponsoring a contributed papers session with the Research Section titled "Foundations of Health Information Behavior". The description of this session reads, "In order to understand how to build health literacy and create discriminating users of quality consumer health information, we must understand HOW (not just WHERE) people acquire their information in the first place. What steps, procedures, and access points do patrons (clinicians, patients, other librarians, etc.) typically use to get their information in a technological world? Once we obtain this knowledge, how can we use it to help patrons find their information in a more accurate timely manner?" Please stay for the Section Business Meeting immediately following this session.

Lynn Fortney, CDS Chair-Elect and Program Planner

CDS Election Results

I am pleased to report that our election results have been finalized and reported to MLA headquarters. The new CDS officers/representatives will assume their positions during the changeover of officers at the MLA meeting in Philadelphia.

Congratulations to Melissa Nasea (Chair-Elect), Ramune Kubilius (representative-elect to Section Council), Susan Kendall (representative to MLA Membership Committee and chair of the CDS Membership Committee), and Deb Blecic (candidate for MLA Nominating Committee)!

Hope Barton, Nominating Committee Chair

Message from the Editor

Thanks to the Nominating Committee for nominating me and the section membership for voting for me as the Chair-Elect of the Collection Development Section. As Chair-Elect my first job will be to plan the program for the 2008 meeting in Chicago. I will be attending two MLA meetings for program planners plus the CDS Business Meeting Monday at 4:30. If you have been thinking "why doesn't CDS have a session on this topic", please suggest it. Other people may have been wondering the same thing. Maybe you can be one of the presenters!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue with a special thanks to CDS Membership Committee Chair Ramune Kubilius for all her work. The Section benefits when you submit information about collection development to Developments.

A little latter in this issue you will see a "want ad" for a new Developments editor. Please consider this wonderful opportunity to contribute to CDS.

Melissa Nasea, Developments Editor

Developments is issued twice a year and is sent electronically to all members of the MLA Collection Development Section. The newsletter accepts original articles, announcements, and other items of interest to section members. Opinions expressed are purely those of the authors. Contributions should be submitted electronically to the editor, Melissa Nasea:
Note: The web addresses are accurate when published but are not updated after publication.

Daniel T. Richards Prize to be Awarded

The Collection Development Section's Awards Committee is pleased to announce that the Daniel T. Richards Prize for 2007 is awarded to Carol M. Schisler for her paper "Evaluating Your Nursing Collection: A Quick Way to Preserve Nursing History in a Working Collection" which will be published in the July 2007 (vol. 95, issue 3) issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association. Congratulations Carol!

Dan Richards (1945-1995) was instrumental in establishing biomedical library collection development as a rigorous discipline with a distinct methodology. To honor his memory and his contributions, an award sponsored by the Collection Development Section of the MLA was created in 1998. The Prize includes a certificate and a cash award that will be presented to the recipient at the 2007 Section business meeting held during the MLA annual meeting in Philadelphia on Monday at 4:30-6 immediately following the contributed papers session on "Foundations of Health Information Behavior".

The Awards Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the process.

Suzanne Crow, Chair, Awards Committee
Konstantina Matsoukas
Sylvia McAphee

Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences

Esther Carrigan, AHIP, Medical Sciences Library, Texas A & M University–College Station has been awarded the 2007 Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences. She is a member of the Collection Development Section.

The Louise Darling Medal is presented annually to recognize distinguished achievement in collection development in the health sciences. The award was established in 1987 and first awarded in 1988, with a contribution by Ballen Booksellers International, Inc. It continues to be supported in part by Blackwell North America, Inc.

CDS Member Awarded MLA Grant

Fern Cheek and Lynda Hartel, both of the Prior Health Sciences Library, Ohio State University-Columbus, were awarded one of two MLA 2007 Research, Development and Demonstration Project Grants. They are looking at e-book use. Lynda Hartel is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Collection Development Section.

Welcome to New and Returning Collection Development Section (CDS) Members!

According to membership lists compiled by MLA Headquarters, the following people have recently joined or re-joined the section. By now, each person should have received an electronic welcome letter. On behalf of the CDS Membership Committee and the entire section, this is an official welcome, documented in our section newsletter, Developments.

We invite each new member to sign on to, and participate in the discussions on our CDS electronic discussion list. For instructions, go to: .We hope to mingle with new members and have the opportunity to network at the MLA 2007 conference in Philadelphia, PA. We invite new and veteran section members to attend the CDS program sessions and our annual business meeting.

Ramune Kubilius, CDS Membership Committee Chair

David Angeletti, Conference Archives, Inc., Johnstown, PA
Marcia I. Batchelor, Steilacoom, WA
Sally Birch, Doha, Qatar
Monica M. Bread, St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK
Mary L. Gillaspy, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
Patricia J. Hamilton, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Rapid City, SD
Anne-Marie Kaminsky, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, New London, CT
Susan Klimley, Columbia University, New York, NY
Sylvia McAphee, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
Stephanie McConnell, EBSCO, Osceola, WI
Anne Reilly, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, OH
Judith Thompson, Charles Drew University of Medicine & Science, Los Angeles, CA
Stacie Waddell, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA
Sandra Wenner, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Christine Whitaker, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC Wennan Wu, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, Rockville, MD

Recent Publications of CDS Members

Note: This is a selective rather than comprehensive list. It is arranged alphabetically by journal title. CDS members' names are bolded. CDS members are invited to send references to their new publications to the editor.

Conformity for conformity's sake? The choice of a classification system and a subject heading system in academic health sciences libraries. Womack, Kristina R. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 42(1):93-115, 2006. review by Kendall, Susan K. Charleston Advisor 8(2):10-12, Oct 2006.

Measurement of use of electronic resources: advances in use statistics and innovations in resource functionality. Blecic, Deborah D.; Fiscella, Joan B.; Wiberley Jr., Stephen E. College & Research Libraries 68(1):26-44, Jan 2007.

A Review of Seven Complementary and Alternative Medicine Databases. Hoffecker, Lilian; Reiter, Catherine M. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 3(4):13-31, 2006.

Jane Annis Lambremont, FMLA, 1931-2005. Boorkman, Jo Anne. Journal of the Medical Library Association 94(3):364-66, Jul 2006.

Utilization of the medical librarian in a state Medicaid program to provide information services geared to health policy and health disparities. Droese, Peter; Peterson, Nancy. J ournal of the Medical Library Association 94(2):174-79, Apr 2006.

"Mini-Medical school for librarians": from needs assessment to educational outcomes. Dunn , Kathel ; Crow, Suzanne J.; Van Moorsel, T. Guillaume; Creazzo, Jeannine; Tomasulo, Patricia; Markinson, Andrea. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 94(2):166-73, Apr 2006.

Carving a niche: establishing bioinformatics collaborations. Lyon, Jennifer A.; Tennant, Michele R.; Messner, Kevin R.; Osterbur, David L. Journal of the Medical Library Association 94(3):330-35, Jul 2006.

Why don't Council and Executive Board work properly? McSeán, Tony. Library & Information Update 5(9): 21-22, Sep 2006.

CMS/CMS: content management system/change management strategies. Goodwin, Susan; Burford, Nancy; Bedard, Martha; Carrigan, Esther; Hannigan, Gale C. Library Hi Tech 24(1): 54-60 2006.

Evidence-based librarianship: the EBL process. Eldredge , Jonathan. Library Hi Tech 24(3): 341-54, 2006.

The Charleston Conference: 25th Anniversary Celebration of a Meeting. Gelfand, Julia; Taylor, Anneliese. Library Hi Tech News 23(1): 10-12, Jan 2006.

Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine: An Encyclopedia. review by: Albright, Eric D. Library Journal, 131(1): 160-62, 1/1/2006.

The Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine: Conventional & Alternative Medicine for All Ages. review by: Raszewski, Rebecca. Library Journal, 131(20): 169, 12/1/2006.

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The Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy through Adolescence / edited by Kristine Krapp and Jeffrey Wilson. review by: Raszewski, Rebecca. Library Journal, 131(7): 110, 4/15/2006.

The African AIDS Epidemic: A History / John Iliffe. review by: Raszewski, Rebecca. Library Journal 131(5): 92, 3/15/2006

Women under the Influence. review by: Raszewski, Rebecca. Library Journal 131(3): 141, 2/15/2006.

Creating the definitive record of scientific discovery. McSéan, Tony. Managing Information 13(1): 44-45, Jan/Feb 2006.

Smart technology for aging, disability, and independence: the state of the science / edited by William C. Mann. review by: Dadoly, Janet ; Connor, Elizabeth. Medical Reference Services Quarterly 25(4): 90-91, Winter 2006.

Healthy Work: An Annotated Bibliography / edited by Namir Khan. review by: Earl, Martha. Medical Reference Services Quarterly 25(1): 110-111, Spring 2006.

Faculty-librarian relationships. Janzen, Junie. Medical Reference Services Quarterly 25(3): 106-08, Fall 2006.

The landscape shifts: new opportunities for collaboration arise as the primacy of the traditional journal article fades. Plutchak, T. Scott. Serials 19(3): 184-87, Nov 2006.

Presentations that keep your audience interested and awake. Bernhardt, Beth; Fischer, Karen S. Serials Librarian 50(3/4): 315-18, 2006.

Copyright knowledge of faculty at two academic health science campuses: results of a survey. Smith, Kay Hogan; Tobia, Rajia C.; Plutchak , T. Scott; Howell, Lynda M.; Pfeiffer, Sondra J.; Fitts, Michael S. Serials Review 32(2):59-67, 2006.

Ramune Kubilius, CDS Membership Committee Chair

A Little History about CDS

In 2006, the Collection Development Section marked the 20 th anniversary of the year our section was first granted provisional status.

Anniversaries and other facts about the section can be found in our CDS Web site ( You can also find the brochure that was created last year by the Membership Committee and other CDS members.

25 years ago: In 1982, the first informal group meeting took place.

10 years ago: The Section had 231 members.

In early 2007, it appears that we have approximately the same number of members, but 2007 membership numbers will be more accurate later in the year. We invite CDS members to renew their membership.

Ramune Kubilius, CDS Membership Committee Chair

Wanted: A New Editor for Developments

If you would like to do some professional writing and editing, consider applying for the position of Developments editor. It's a great way to participate in CDS and MLA and you get to work with the wonderful CDS officers who form your editorial board. The job description is in section 5.E.1 of the CDS manual Please contact me or Chair Liz Lorbeer if you are interested.

Melissa Nasea

New MLA News Section / SIG editor

I'm the New MLA News Section / SIG editor, for two years effective January 2007. As described in the MLA Web site, MLA News is "a monthly newsletter about MLA products and services, news about the health information profession, and practical articles that impart on-the-job wisdom" MLA Sections and SIGs are encouraged to take advantage of MLA News as a vehicle to share news and announcements that may be of interest to the larger MLA community. Don't keep the news to yourselves! Sections and SIGs are invited to submit committee meeting recaps/decisions, survey results, awards, etc., as soon as possible after they have occurred. When announcing a Section or SIG award, please keep in mind the submission deadlines.

Submissions should be sent to me, the Section/SIG Editor:

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Ramune Kubilius

Charleston Conference 2006 Highlights

Several presentations at the 2006 Charleston Conference may be of special interest to CDS members. Nisa Bakkalbasi, Kathleen Bauer, Jan Glover, and Lei Wang presented on "Options for Citation Tracking: Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science" See especially slides 17-22 with the Venn diagrams.
See also:
Their earlier work has been published in D-Lib Magazine:

CDS member Lynda Hartel and Jan Maxwell, a non-health sciences librarian, facilitated a good discussion during " Making the Commitment to Open Access: The 6th Annual Health Sciences Lively Lunch." Abstract: "It's easy to love the concept of open access, but how many of us are really prepared for the long-term relationship? As a catalyst for discussion, we will provide an update from NLM on PubMed Central activity since the implementation of the NIH Public Access Policy last year. We will highlight examples of how health science libraries and publishers are making the commitment to open access. Lunch discussion topics will include: dealing with the mix of open access models in our collection development and technical services processes, handling author and institutional membership fees, educating grant recipients about the NIH Public Access Policy, and promoting open access publishing opportunities to faculty."

NOTE: Plans are well underway for the XVII Charleston Conference, 2007. All are invited to the 7th Lively Lunch on Health Sciences Collection Development Issues. For more information about the conference and the confirmed speakers, go to: .

Ramune Kubilius

Health Information Literacy Programs at MLA

Medical librarians often serve two roles. One role is as a member of healthcare teams providing quality patient information, and the other is working with patients and their families to understand the information provided. According to the recently reported National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) data only 33% of people with graduate degrees and 4% of high school graduates were health literate in 2003:

MLA 2007 in Philadelphia offers a look at the role of the medical librarian in improving health information literacy and helping to assure that patient education resources are culturally and linguistically appropriate. The Health Information Literacy: rEvolution in Roles session will be held on Wednesday from 10:30 am to 1 pm.

Come to the session early, or stay a little longer, and see a group of posters highlighting exciting and innovative health information literacy projects from around the country. Also, before and during the sessions, short video vignettes will present even more ideas. After the session, Beth Wescott will be offering CE 308, Easy-to-Read Health and Wellness Material for Consumers.

Judy F. Burnham

Annual MLA Collection Development Section Financial Report for 2006

Description Amount
Beginning Balances at January 1, 2006  
Checking Account (must equal prior year's year-end balance) 5,660
Savings & other bank accounts (Must equal prior year's year-end balance) 17,458
Total Beginning Balances from all sources 23,118
Income and other cash received during the year:  
Membership dues 897
Interest and investment income 352
Other cash receipts (describe below):  
Royalties from Collection Development DocKit 92
Total income & cash received during the year 1,341
Disbursements & expenses paid during the year:  
Meeting food and beverages 1,137
General printing & postage 336
Awards and scholarships 170
Other disbursements (describe below):  
Web site development expense 450
MLA Disaster Relief Fund section donation 1,000
Total disbursements & expenses 3,093
Total Net Revenue/(loss) for the year -1,752
Year-end ending balances at December 31, 2006  
Checking account 2,566
Savings and other bank accounts 18,799
Total ending balances 21,365

Lynda Hartel, Secretary/Treasurer

Section Officers 2006-07

Title Name Term Email
Chair Elizabeth Lorbeer 5/06-5/07
Chair-Elect Lynn Fortney 5/06-5/07
Immediate Past Chair Hope Barton 5/06-5/07
Secretary/Treasurer Lynda Hartel 5/06-5/07
Section Council Representative Deb Blecic 5/05-5/08
Section Council Alternate n/a    
Newsletter Editor Melissa Nasea 5/06-5/07
Website Content Committee Chair Jeff Williams 5/06-5/07
Web site Editor Karen Fischer 5/06-5/07
Continuing Education Chair Kathel Dunn 5/06-5/07
Program Committee Chair Lynn Fortney 5/06-5/07
Membership Committee Chair Ramune Kubilius 5/06-5/07
Governmental Relations Committee Liaison Julie Schneider 5/06-5/07
Bylaws Committee Chair Hope Barton 5/06-5/07
Nominating Committee Chair Hope Barton 5/06-5/07
Awards Committee Chair Suzanne Crow (On Maternity Leave until September 2006) 5/06-5/07