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I replied to Mark, but didn't reply to the list.

Ramune Kubilius
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>Subject: Re: [Mla-cds] Converting journals to e-only
>Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 15:35:03 +0000
>I heard a presentation by the librarian at Drexel, at the Charleston 
>Conference two years ago and I
>think they did a follow-up last year. It was not a biomedical library.
>Here's a summary from the NASIG Newsletter about a CC preconference that 
>featured that same speaker:
>Hansen, Dean of Libraries at Drexel University, highlighted some of the 
>consequences, both
>positive and negative, of Drexel's migration from print to online. 
>Developing and managing the
>electronic journal collections has proved more complex than a more 
>traditional print journal
>collection. Montgomery pointed out that there are many more variables when 
>selecting electronic
>resources, such as the quality of the visuals and the items included in 
>the electronic version.
>Negotiating licenses and prices also complicates the issue. Managing the 
>electronic collection has
>proved equally complicated. The increased electronic subscriptions have 
>had an impact on staff and
>administrative costs. At the same time, there have been some cost savings 
>through decreased
>check-in, binding, and shelving. Through her cost analysis, Montgomery 
>determined that the
>operational cost per use of print journals was actually higher than cost 
>per use of electronic
>journals, and full-text databases turn out to be quite cost effective at a 
>rate of approximately $1/use.
>Here's the speaker's bibliography of many presentations at many 
>conferences on this topic ("two
>years later", "four years later", etc.)
>Ramune Kubilius
>Galter Health Sciences Library
>Northwestern University
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>On Thu, 04 May 2006 2:58:47 pm +0000 Mark Funk wrote:
>Weill Cornell Medical Library is starting on a project to convert
>many (if not most) of our print-plus-electronic journals to
>electronic-only, starting with 2007.
>We are starting to ask our users to tell us journal titles they would
>like the library to maintain in print (for browsing, better images,
>etc.) I would like to start out with a list of "journals we will
>maintain in print" so I won't get nervous faculty thinking they won't
>have a print NEJM or Science to look at.
>Has anybody else completed a conversion project? Do you have a list
>of "journals to maintain in print" you could share with the Section?
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