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Does anyone have a copy of the paper Locke Morrisey presented following CDS
business meeting at MLA in 2006?  The title was listed as Beyond Impact
Factors: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Nursing Literature. (referenced at

Locke was named co-chair for the NAHRS Research Committee Mapping the
Literature of Nursing subcommittee with me, and planned to assume chair role
this year.  Unfortunately, his illness progressed so quickly that I never
got a copy of this, and it's not in Locke's Library,

<http://locke-library.blogspot.com/>If yes, those of us copied would like to
see, as looking for a quote to use with photo of Locke in a library setting
as one way of honoring Locke's interest in evidence based collection
development.  It will be used on the NAHRS Research Committee poster at MLA
in Minneapolis, Tuesday May 17,  titled "Practice what we preach:
Collaborative research for evidence-based collection development."
 Anyone interested in doing bibliometric research using the NAHRS protocol,
or in building on mapping studies to develop core lists is encouraged to
talk to us at MLA, or review the poster and links next week, when it will be
posted on the NAHRS website with links to our projects.

Al, we will share file (or link) to this paper with you, and think you might
want to add to Locke's Library.  Perhaps you've found these slides on the
computer?  The paper should be added to the Blog listing, including slides
if anyone has them, and perhaps the slides?  Or posted on the Collection
Development website?

If anyone would like to add anything else to Locke's Library, please contact
Al Yeh,  I hope al_yeh at yahoo.com (from Facebook) is correct...

Al (or others), do you have photo of Al with journals, or at the CDS meeting
in 2006, or on MLA panel in 2009?  (So sorry I had to skip Hawaii

*Thanks much - Peg*

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